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Fire Insurance

As brokers, it is our business to ensure that you obtain the maximum insurance cover for the premium, which you pay. The fire policy in its basic form covers the risk of fire, lightning and explosion of domestic gas only. The following important perils may be added for a little or no additional charge.

  1. Bush Fire
  2. Explosion
  3. Earthquake
  4. Aircraft
  5. Impact
  6. Flood
  7. Storm & Tempest
  8. Burst Pipes
  9. Riot & Strike
  10. Malicious Damage
  11. Bursting and Overflowing of Tanks and Apparatus

Also at no additional charge, we would arrange the inclusion of series of clauses which amplify the scope of the basic policy.

To enable us obtain quotation on your behalf, we would be grateful if you would advise us of the values at risk as follows:-

  1. BUILDING (replacement cost as when new)
  2. PLANT & MACHINERY (replacement cost as when new)
  3. OFFICE FURNITURE, FIXTURES & FITTINGS (replacement cost as when new)

Availability of fire prevention measures entitles you to Fire Extinguishers Discounts. The discount varies depending on the effectiveness of the broker. Please advise us of the appliances you hold or propose to deploy.

House-owners/Householders Insurance Policy

House owners’ policy is specifically designed to suit House owners to cover their buildings, flats and other types of residential accommodation which may be owned or rented out. Under the terms of the lease, the owner may be obliged to make good any damage rendering the place inhabitable. It covers a range of perils including your legal liability as house owner.

Whereas the Householders policy provides cover for the contents of residential buildings where the occupier is not the owner. The cover provided is comprehensive including Burglary, Fire & Legal Liabilities as occupiers.

All Risk Insurance

This is an extension of both policies mentioned above to provide an ‘all-risks’ cover to valuables or sophisticated equipment which requires protection beyond the normal scope of fire and burglary. Scope of cover is worldwide.


‘All-risks’ insurance policy is only recommended for personal effects or valuable company artifacts. Items to be insured should be specifically mentioned while the scope of cover is worldwide.

Burglary Insurance

The cover provided would reimburse an insured for losses and damages sustained through burglary or theft. In order to minimize commitments, burglary insurance should only be effected on property which can actually be stolen or which could be damaged by thieves in an attempt at theft.

Where the insurance is properly arranged we are sure of saving you at least 50% of your current premium on burglary premium.

We will also ensure the addition of clauses which would make the protection granted as comprehensive as possible.

Special Motor Insurance Package

There is a special Motor Insurance Package which protects you and your employees against losses suffered as a result of using the insured vehicles.  Basically, this package can be arranged on: 


Extent of Cover:

Comprehensive motor insurance provides an extensive cover.  Apart from indemnifying against third party liabilities, it also protects against losses suffered as a result of accidental damage to the insured vehicles fire damage theft of the vehicle and also Passengers Liabilities.


Motor Vehicle Insurance is tariff rated, and as such we will need to know the values, make and type of the vehicles to be insured to ascertain the premium payable.  However, as a Special Package for your establishment, we will negotiable fleet discount on the premium payable.



(i) Medical Expenses:

The Standard Motor Policy pays only N2,000.00 in respect of medical expenses. However medical allowance of up to a maximum of N5,000.00 will be paid in respect of any occupant (including the driver) who sustains bodily injury caused by violent accidental external and visible means as the direct and immediate result of an accident to the insured vehicle.

(ii) Legal fees and Expenses

Legal fees and expenses arising as a result of an accident involving any of the insured’s vehicles shall also be paid for by the insurance company.

(iii) Indemnity to Other Persons

The policies will be extended to indemnify the insured against sums including claimant’s costs and expenses in respect of death, bodily injury or damage to property for which the insured is legally liable if there is an accident involving any person driving an insured vehicle with the insured’s permission.  Such persons must be licensed drivers.


(i)  Riot, Strike & Civil Commotion-   Damages to the insured vehicles arising from the above shall be covered on payment of additional premium of 0.5% on the values of the vehicles.

(ii)  Incr. 3rd Party Property Damage: This could be increased from N1,000,000.00 prescribed by the new Insurance Act to any selected limit subject to the payment of some additional premium.

(iii)  Automatic Incr. in Value Clause: In view of inflation and the attendant arising cost of vehicles and spare parts, the policy may incorporate this clause in high case an insured vehicle is automatically covered for 110% subject to the insured paying the desired additional premium.

(iv)  Loss of Use: The insurance company could also undertake to pay fixed amount per each day, any of the insured vehicles is being repaired to mitigate the hardship associated with unused vehicle. 

(v) Flood

Money Insurance

It provides covers against loss of money through theft, fire and other causes whilst in transit or in locked safe. It can also be extended to include cheques and very limited fidelity cover provided the loss is discovered within three working days.

For effective quotation, please let us know the estimated annual carrying and the maximum of money you are likely to carry at any single time.

Public Liability Insurance

Every individual is becoming aware of his or her right. For a very small amount, your legal liabilities to Third Parties for: –

  1. Death
  2. Injury
  3. Property Damage

Arising out of your business or any employee of your company could be insured. The policy will be extended to cover lots of other contingencies. For this class of business, we would recommend cover up to N10, 000,000.00 any one accident.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

This class of Insurance is designed to provide compensation to the insured dignitaries who will be attending the program following an accident resulting in Death Permanent Disability, Temporary Total Disability and Medical Expenses.

The policy could be extended to cover repatriation expenses where it is necessary for an injured insured person to be flown abroad for medical treatment.

The cover which is provided on 24 hours bases and operates anywhere in the world while you have the option to choose the level of benefits required for the various categories of those to be covered.

  1. Death Benefit:
  2. Permanent Disability
  3. Temporary Total Disability
  4. Medical Expenses

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This policy is to indemnify you against losses caused by your employees’ infidelity resulting in misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of cash, theft and fraudulent conversation of the committee’s valuables.

This is because all other theft and burglary policies exclude theft by insured employees. There is need to cover your committee against the financial consequences of your employees’ dishonest acts involving cash, accounting, stock control.

Experience has shown that people do suffer from these un-insured losses. We strongly recommend that you take out this insurance to cover the fidelity of your staff that is in key positions with valuable items and large sums of money entrusted in the care e.g.

  1. Accountant/Accounting Staff
  2. Cashiers
  3. Store Keepers

To effect this policy, the following information will be require:-

  1. Name of Employee
  2. Age
  3. Number of years employee has spent in your employment
  4. The amount of cash the staff is exposed to
  5. Position / Responsibility

Goods-in-Transit Insurance

The policy is designed to provide compensation for loss or damage to your goods in course of transit anywhere in the Federation. Where your business involves regularly movement of goods, please let us have the following information:

  1. Estimated Annual Carrying
  2. Maximum Limit Anyone Carrying
  3. Means of conveyance – your own or/hired vehicle
  4. Geographical coverage

Special Marine Insurance Package

This policy is designed to protect your organization against various maritime losses, which may make it possible for you to lose money unexpectedly.

The proposed cover will protect your goods in transit by sea or air (including inland which may involve rail or road) against the following:

  • Unexplainable Disappearance
  • Handling and Storage Hazards 
  • Water Damage
  • General Average Declaration and other Risks

The policy could be arranged in three ways – Under Clauses A or C.

Clause A is the widest cover providing “All Risks” coverage, while clause B is restricted to the risks of fire, explosion, sunk or capsized vessel, overturning or derailment of medium of land conveyance.  It also covers collision, contact with external objects other than water, discharge of cargo at port of distress, earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning, general average sacrifice, jettisoning or washing overboard, entry of sea, lake, or river water into vessel, loss of any package overboard or droppepd whilst loading or unloading from vessel or craft.

The minimum cover is provided under Clause C, which covers fire, explosion, stranded or sunk or capsized vessels, overturning or derailment in the case of land conveyance, collision or contact with external objects, general average sacrifice and jettisoning.  This cover is free from any particular average and can become effective only when there is a total loss.

Clause A is the type of cover recommended for most organization since it provides the widest form of cover.


The marine cargo insurance may be arranged for a particular consignment or on an open cover basis.  In view of the frequency and volume of your imports, we recommend an open cover arrangement, which may be incorporated to provide for continuous cover for importation at random.  At this instance, Marine Certificate Booklet of a reputable underwriter will be made available to your staff to be issued for instant cover whilst such importation is declared periodically on the policy.


The nature of consignment, packaging, duration of transit and value of consignment determine the rate of premium payable.  This means a full detail of your risk exposure is necessary for adequate underwriting purposes.

However, the rates between 0.25% and 0.5%, depending on the type of cargo, and class of cover, while volume of business is also taken into consideration.

We would also be able to improve on the existing rates and terms if you already have a policy in place provided you make available to us the details of your marine risk exposure.

Machinery/Plant All Risks Insurance

This is to grant an effective insurance cover for plant, machinery and mechanical equipment at work, at rest or during maintenance operations, and generally called Machinery Breakdown Insurance.

The Plant All Risks (PAR) cover is basically against fire and accidental external damage to the insured plants or machinery, excluding damage due to machinery breakdown.

By its very nature, machinery breakdown insurance is an all risks accident insurance for machinery supplementing the coverage afforded by fire insurance.

Loss under machinery breakdown insurance is mainly due to one of the following causes:-

  1. Faulty design, faults at workshop or in erection, defects in casting and material.
  2. Faulty operation, lack of skill, negligence, malicious acts.
  3. Physical explosion, fuel gas explosion in boilers.
  4. Short-circuit and other electrical causes.
  5. Shortage of Water in boilers.
  6. Storm and frost.
  7. Tearing apart on account of centrifugal causes.

The exclusions are:-

  1. Fire-lightning, chemical explosion, burglary others.
  2. Flood, earthquake, landslide, impact or land borne, waterborne or airborne craft.
  3. Wear and Tear due to usage.
  4. War or Warlike operations.
  5. Willful acts or gross negligence on the part of the insured or his representatives.
  6. Faults or defects existing at the time of commencement or the insurance which ought to have been or were known to the insured.
  7. Faults or defects for which the supplier is responsible either by Law or under contract.
  8. Nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radio-active contamination.

Sum Insured: The sum insured should always be the replacement value of the insured machinery (value of the new items plus customs duties plus transportation and installation charges).

Electronic Equipment/Computer Insurance

In view of the upsurge in the use of computers and considering the fact that no organization can afford to toy with its computers and other electronic data processing facilities, computer insurance is highly recommended these days.

It is done on all risks basis and provides compensation for all sudden and unforeseen losses resulting in material damage to computers and other equipment insured.

This cover can be extended to include damage to peripheral components and cost of reproducing lost data. Losses incurred whilst computers are in transit as well as consequential loss can also be covered on the payment of additional premium.

Requirements – To enable us arrange cover appropriately, you need to provide the values of all your computers to be insured as well as extent of cover required.

Group Life Assurance Policy

This policy provides Death in Service Benefits as provided for by Section 9(3) of the Pension Reform Act 2004 which compel all employers of labour to establish and maintain a Life Assurance Policy for all their employees at a minimum amount of three times their annual total emolument defined, as Basic Salary + Housing allowance + Transport allowance.

The Life Assurance required as prescribed by the Pension Act is a product covering death only occurring within the Period of insurance and administered on a collective basis to a group of people under appreciable similar exposure.  It is the cheapest form of Life Assurance Policy available because it covers death within a specified period only.  The inclusion of this provision in the new Act is informed by the need to provide death-in-service benefit separately from contributory scheme maintained for retirement purposes.  The sum assured becomes payable on the death of an employee.

The benefit (sum assured) is an addition to the accrued benefit under the Contributory Pension Scheme and where death occurs, the employee’s entitlement under the life assurance policy shall be paid to his Retirement Savings Account and disbursed to the beneficiaries in accordance with section 5 of the Act. 

The policy provides for the payment of a lump sum benefit to the dependents on the death of the insured person while in active service either due to natural or accidental death.  The capital sum payable can be used to cushion the effects of income due to the death of the breadwinner.  It can also be used to offset burial expenses and other incidental expenses associated with the insured person.

We will appreciate it if you can furnish us with the following information regarding your employees to enable us make available to you the cost implication of this mandatory Scheme:

  1. Names of employees
  2. Date of birth or age
  3. Annual basic salary
  4. Annual housing allowance
  5. Annual transport allowance
  6. Commencement date